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Assisted Stretching in OKC


Stretch U, innovator and industry leader, provides the perfect stretch for people of all ages and abilities. 

Located on Western Avenue in Oklahoma City, Stretch U has been providing a wellness service that has helped over 5500 people in the last nine years feel better and move with more ease.

Choose 20, 40 or 60 Minute Session

At Stretch U we perform professional 1 on 1 stretching services. Our stretching protocol was developed by a physical therapist with over twenty years of hands on stretching therapy experience. This manual stretching protocol has been mastered by each of our Certified Stretch U Technicians so you may experience the “perfect stretch” as a result of your visit.

Three distinctly different 20 minute sessions are designed to stand alone or be combined for a fuller and richer experience of relaxation. Depending on your available time, sessions can be as short as 20 minutes or combined for 40 or 60 minute session for a deeper relaxing stretch.

Benefits of Stretching

Reduced muscle tension

Increased range of motion

Enhanced muscular coordination

Increased circulation

Increased energy level

Improved athletic performance

Reduced stress

Stretch U OKC is Mobile

Stretch U is a perfect fit for corporate wellness programs, active community or sporting events.

No matter the occupation, business or sport activity there is always the need to take time to stretch. Sitting for extended periods of time, and labor-intensive activities can cause muscle pain, tension, and weakness in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, backs, and legs. Stretching is always a welcomed by participants who actively engage in work or performance requiring repetitive movements.

Stretch U mobile service is perfect for schools, doctor’s offices, law firms, gyms, and more! What a wonderful way to show employee or member appreciation, encourage participation in wellness initiatives, and experience the overall benefits of stretching.

Service Descriptions

Lock and Stretch

“Lock and Stretch” is a myofascial release technique developed exclusively for Stretch U studios. Lock and Stretch is the Stretch U version of a warm-up where tissues are locked into a place and then gently stretched to produce circulation in muscle, tendons, joints, and most importantly fascial components. All major muscle groups are warmed-up and released in preparation of the manual stretch of all major muscle groups.

 Carey Stretch

The Stretch U 20 minute session is often referred to as the original “Carey” Stretch. During this session a certified stretch technician will take your body through 108 different stretches. The 20 minute session combines passive stretching, contract-relax techniques, and neural flossing glides to all major muscle groups, upper and lower extremities.

Come see what the perfect stretch can do for you. Call 405-286-9662 today to learn more or schedule a session.

Split-T Center, 5701 N Western Avenue, Suite E, Oklahoma City, OK  73118