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Bren Smith, B.S., Licensed Massage Therapist in OKC

Everybody loves a good massage, and I am no exception. The benefits are numerous and not to mention you feel so much better after one. I love it so much that after working the last 16 years in the corporate business arena, I have established credentials as a licensed massage therapist working in the Oklahoma City area. I know all too well how the demands of life can stress the body and take a toll on health. With every session, it is my intention to help you relax and restore your life balance: spirit, mind, body, and soul.

The Backstory

My curiosity about massage therapy began when I was in a physiology class studying about the neuromuscular junction (NMJ).

The NMJ is the space that transmits signals from the motor neuron to the skeletal muscle fiber to control contraction and voluntary movement.  If the muscle fibers are tense, shorten, damaged, or in spasm, this connection is impaired and reduces the muscle function.

With this understanding of the body, I became fascinated about how the practice of massage could naturally encourage the nervous system and the muscles to best work together. I then followed my interest to know more about how massage therapy could support the health of the body. This desire lead me to begin my training at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA and more recently complete course work at the Integrated Massage Therapy College in Oklahoma City.